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About me

The artistic expression is part of human nature

Hello, I am Gloria. I was born and raised surrounded by Andalusian olive trees. I have always believed that the artistic expression is an inherent part of every human being.

For years, I kept going from theater to dance to painting, until I made up a choice and decided to deep on the fields of illustration and graphic design.

How do I work? I love being in contact with brushes, paper, pencils, watercolors and all traditional materials, after all. I prefer to hand-craft my illustrations and later, if needed by the project, I use digital tools for the final art.  My illustrations are very often hand-drawn and painted in graphite and watercolors, color pencils or gouache. They usually have a friendly, cheerful accent. Sometimes they are funny or poetic, and almost always considerably colorful.

I am constantly expanding my skills as an Illustrator, and I always try to adopt new approaches that enrich my work and make it evolve and improve.

Where do I find inspiration?

In nature, foods and cooking, animals, art in every form of expression, every day life, travels, yoga, self-care and, at the end of the day, all that   enhancing my wellbeing and helping me cultivate a positive attitude for life.


Here you find some of my illustrations applied to prints, tote-bags and t-shirts. You can also order a custom illustrated portrait, and purchase any of the beautiful books I had the pleasure to illustrate

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